Follow these simple steps to “Renew” items online

1.  On the Library’s home page, click on Catalog.

2.  In the upper right hand corner of the Catalog there is a box to Log In to your library account.  Type in the last five numbers of your Library Card (you do not need to use the full 14 digit number) and your phone number. Contact the Library if you need assistance with your Library card number.

3.  The box will now say that you are logged in.  Click on the box that says “My Account.”

4.  The screen will open up with a list of your information. Click on “Items Out/Renewals” and the items that you have checked out with the dates they are due will be shown.  Next to each item is a little square that says “Renew.” Clicking on this will renew the items and will give you the date the items will be due.

5.  From here you also have the option to add information, make a request or set a secure password of your own. If you should ever forget your password or wish to change it contact the Library.

One valuable thing is Apollo will inform you how much money you saved by using the library instead of purchasing all the items borrowed!